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Sferisterio Experience: the trailer of the documentary by Classica HD

The 2020 edition of the Macerata Opera Festival will be #biancocoraggio

As the 2019 edition of the Macerata Opera Festival was about to start, a preview of the forthcoming 2020 edition was offered, with the theme #biancocoraggio (white as courage). #biancocoraggio will revolve around the issues of emancipation, the enlightenment and destiny, as they are found respectively in ToscaDon Giovanni and Il trovatore.


from the 17th of July till the 9th of August


17th and 26th of July, 1st and 7th of August 2020 (more...)

Don Giovanni

18th and 24th of July, 2nd and 8th of August 2020 (more...)

Il trovatore

19th, 25th and 31st of July, 9th of August 2020 (more...)

Macerata Opera 4.0

International competition for contemporary musical theatre projects/performative installations

The competition plans to select a contemporary musical theatre project/performative installation to be presented at the Macerata Opera Festival 2020 in collaboration with Opera Europa and in co-production with RomaEuropa, Marche Teatro and Fondazione Teatro delle Muse.

Italian or foreign individuals, artistic teams and associations – whose members are (all) under 35 years old at the time the project is submitted – may participate in the competition.

#rossodesiderio: the movie

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