International training course for young orchestra conductors for opera and young opera singers

14 April 2022


Rules and regulations

1. Associazione Arena Sferisterio launches the first international training course for young orchestra conductors for opera and young opera singers, held by Maestro Donato Renzetti in collaboration with the Gioacchino Rossini Philarmonic Orchestra. The training course will be based on preparing Act 1 from La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini and Scene 1, Act 2, from La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi, both in piano rehearsals and in orchestra rehearsals. All selected trainees will participate in 80 hours of rehearsals with the orchestra and the singers. Upon completion of the programme, trainees will take part in a public concert based on the two texts above (performed fully or partially). Donato Renzetti will select the trainees who will perform in the concert.

2. The training course will take place from 4 to 11 August 2022, at the Lauro Rossi theatre in Macerata. Admission is open to orchestra conductors that shall be under 36 years of age (on 10 June 2022), whereas singers shall be no more than 30 years old. Donato Renzetti reserves the right to accept candidates (conductors and/or singers) of different ages.

3. Applicants shall be either Italian citizens or EU citizens. Applicants of different nationalities but living in Italy on a valid residence permit or student visa are also accepted, provided that their documents are valid on the date of the application and the beginning of the training course. If they are selected for the programme, the applicants shall make sure that their documents are valid for the entire duration of the training course, or they will be dismissed. Upon submitting the application, candidates shall hold all due civil and political rights. Foreign applicants shall prove to have an appropriate command of the Italian language.

4. Singers will be selected for the following roles:
La Bohème: Mimi, Rodolfo, Marcello, Schaunard, Colline, Benoit.
– La Traviata: Violetta Valery, Alfredo Germont, Giorgio Germont, Annina, Giuseppe.

5. Applications shall be sent by 10 June 2022 at the latest, using the certified email address (details are provided in the application form). No other application is accepted (no paper submission, nor any other email address). Associazione Arena Sferisterio is not responsible for any technical issues that may arise to make it impossible for candidates to submit their application in due time.

6. All applications shall comprise the following documents:
– Application form, duly filled out and signed (a copy is attached to this document);
– Copy of passport or other I.D. and fiscal code (if owned);
– For conductors: a short CV providing details of past experience and a link to a video featuring the applicant during rehearsals or a concert of any type (s/he should be shot frontally and well visible). The video should be no more than 10 minutes long;
  For singers: a short CV providing details of their education and past experience, as well as a link to a video from either a concert or rehearsal with the applicant shot frontally and well visible, performing anything from opera to chamber music;
– A passport picture and a full figure picture;
– Receipt of payment for application submission: 150 euros for conductors and 100 euros for singers. This payment is non-refundable and shall be made by bank transfer (see application form for details).

Failure to submit any of the above documents will result in rejection of application.

Selected candidates will receive communications from Associazione Arena Sferisterio exclusively via the email address that will be provided upon enrolling.

7. A specific panel, chaired by Donato Renzetti, will select 14 candidates plus 4 reserves for the training course for conductors, whereas for the singers the panel shall select a candidate for each of the roles stated above (item 4 in this document) plus one reserve for each role. Panel decisions are final and may not be changed.

8. The training course will be organized as follows:
– 4/5/6 August: piano rehearsals for Act 1 from La Bohème and Scene 1, Act 2 from La Traviata;
– 7/8/9/10 August: orchestra rehearsals, twice a day, 3 hours for each session;
– 11 August: final concert.

9. The list of selected candidates plus reserves will be made available by 15 June 2022 on the Sferisterio website All selected candidates will be notified via email. All reserves will be notified acceptance into the course when one or more selected candidates opt out.

10. Selected candidates shall pay an attendance fee within 30 June 2022. Trainee conductors shall pay 400 euros, whereas trainee singers shall pay 250 euros. Candidates selected for the roles of Annina and Giuseppe shall pay 50 euros. Payment methods will be stated in the email confirming admission to the course.

11. If selected candidates fail to pay the attendance fee, they will be excluded from the programme and reserves will be contacted to take their place. Reserves shall pay their attendance fee within 10 July 2022, in the amounts stated in point 10).

12. Each selected candidate shall finalize his/her participation in the programme on the day/time s/he will be notified by email, together with the address of the office s/he will have to reach, making sure to hold a valid passport or ID. All selected candidates that fail to comply with all the rules stated in this document shall be excluded from the programme.

13. All trainee conductors and singers are entitled to free participation in all rehearsals (piano, stage, dress, musical, final) for Tosca, conducted by Donato Renzetti at the Sferisterio in Macerata. Rehearsals are scheduled from 1 to 20 July, 2022.

14. The artistic board reserves the right to offer trainees opportunities connected to all the productions that are scheduled for the summer, as covers, in promotional or educational activities, etc.

15. By enrolling into the training course and participating in all the related activities, trainees allow Associazione Arena Sferisterio to audio or video record any part of the programme and to use it either internally (archives) or to promote the Association, even by passing the material onto third parties. Trainees also transfer to Associazione Arena Sferisterio (or any third party) all rights to use and distribute any audio or video production, and any photo, without claiming any fee. All materials can be used for distribution, marketing, communication, broadcasting through all media (radio, television, digital platforms, streaming, internet, etc.) either in their integral form or partially, either live or as reruns.

16. Personal data shall be used exclusively for the purpose of the call for applications and the training course. Data protection is ensured in compliance with the GDPR (UE 2016/679) and the Legislative Decree n. 101 dated 10 August 2018.

17. The rules and regulations for this call have legal value in the Italian language version.

18.  For further information, you can contact

      – Gianfranco Stortoni for questions of artistic and musical nature: phone: +39 0733 261334, email:

      – Paola Pierucci for general questions concerning this call: phone: +39 0733 261334, email:







































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