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Visit Le Marche

“With its many landscapes, Italy is the epitome of Europe. Le Marche region is, in turn, the epitome of Italy. We have here the most integral example of that average landscape, sweet and smooth, balanced and warm… as if man had designed it”
Guido Piovene

Quality of life

“Le Marche is plural. The North speaks with a Romagnolo accent, the mountain side is under the influence of Tuscany and Umbria, the province of Ascoli Piceno is the door to Abruzzo and the Southern mountains. Ancona, a maritime town, has its own, unique traits. Despite these influences, however, Le Marche is not quite like Tuscany, Romagna, Abruzzo and Umbria.”

The mountains

“You can read about the landscape anywhere… a shepherd who looks at his own sheep, who sees fountains and grass; a sweet landscape, green and mossy, as you can find it here. Giacomo Leopardi spoke of people singing… as it if were totally natural. “

The sea

“More than Emilia Romagna and Veneto, Le Marche is the region of the encounter with the Adriatic sea. A small, exceptional sea, here more intimate, silent and free, with its bizarre colors that make it different from all other seas across the world…”