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At Arena Sferisterio the show goes on... in safety!

“This is your festival” has been our motto for many years: in the summer of 2020 we proved that organizing safe events is indeed possible.

Safety protocols and procedures for both staff and audience members allowed us to hold the festival regularly, in 2020, with over 400 artists and members of staff. We welcomed more than 10,000 viewers, without reporting one single Covid case.

EU Digital Covid Certificate

In compliance with the latest provisions and the enforcement of the EU Digital Covid Certificate by the Italian Government, the Macerata Opera Festival wishes to inform you about the changes that will be in place as from 6 August.

The EU Digital Covid Certificate will be required for all viewers aged 12 and above for the following events:

– “Le divine donne di Dante”, with Neri Marcorè (6 August)
– “Aida” on 7 and 12 August;
– “Traviata” on 8 and 13 August;
– “Pierino, il lupo e l’altro”, with Arturo Brachetti (10 August)
– Palco Reverse – “Un viaggio nel belcanto”, with Riccardo Massi (11 August) 

Associazione Arena Sferisterio wishes to support its audience by granting a 15-euro voucher to all viewers who will have to take a Covid test to attend our performances starting from 6 August 2021. The voucher can be used to purchase tickets for the 2021 edition of the Macerata Opera Festival but also for the 2022 season, as soon as the programme is finalized. To redeem your voucher for this year’s performances, please visit our box office and show our staff both your ticket (for shows scheduled between 6 and 13 August) and the receipt of the Covid test taken to attend our performance.

The EU Digital Covid Certificate is issued to individuals who:

– Have received one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at least 15 days prior to the event;
– Have completed the Covid-19 vaccine cycle;
– Hold a certificate displaying a negative result for either an antigen test or a PCR test, taken within 48 hours before the start of the event;
– Hold a certificate stating that the person recovered from Covid-19 within the previous 6 months.

The EU Digital Covid Certificate is not needed for children under 12 years of age and for individuals who have been officially exempted from the vaccine and hold a medical certificate attesting to this.

The EU Digital Covid Certificate for the Covid-19 vaccine is automatically generated by the Italian online platform DGC 12 days after taking the first dose, and it is valid starting on the 15th day after that dose, until the second one. Upon completion of the vaccine cycle, the EU Digital Covid Certificate is reissued after 24 to 48 hours and it is valid for 9 months. It can be downloaded from this website: by using the Spid code or by inserting the national health card code (codice tessera sanitaria) and an authcode that can be received either by text message or by email. It can also be retrieved from the regional electronic health folder (fascicolo sanitario elettronico) or on the IO and IMMUNI apps.

If you have problems in downloading your EU Digital Covid Certificate, you can call the dedicated toll-free number: 800.91.24.91 every day from 8 am to 8 pm. Or you can write to . If you are using one of the apps, you can ask for assistance within the app itself.

General info

The provisions for all citizens in public places are valid in our Theatre, as regulated by the Decree-Law 52, art. 5, dated 22 April 2021 (which recalls the guidelines adopted with the Decree-Law 33, issued in 2020):

– the obligation to stay at home if you have a fever (a temperature of over 37.5°C) or other flu symptoms, in which case you must call your family doctor and the relevant health authority;

-the awareness and acceptance of having to stay at home and not being able to attend public places if there are high-risk conditions or signs (flu symptoms, temperature, contact with areas at risk or with people who have tested positive for the virus in the previous 14 days). The family doctor and the relevant health authority must be informed, in line with the Authority’s provisions;

– the awareness and acceptance of not being able to attend public places if, having tested positive for COVID-19  you have not obtained the medical certification of a “negative” swab test according to the modalities provided for by current legislative provisions.

To avoid crowds and to facilitate more fluid management of the entrances, once you arrive at the Sferisterio Arena there will be clear signs to help you immediately understand where to enter, depending on the ticket you have purchased.

ENTRANCE 1 Balcony and second tier of boxes (all sectors)
ENTRANCE 2 First tier of boxes (all boxes)
ENTRANCE 3 Terrace, left (all sectors)
ENTRY 4 Stalls area, left – (Yellow and Red sectors)
ENTRY 5 Stalls area – Gold, Platinum, Green sectors and audience members with wheelchairs
ENTRY 6 Stalls area, right (Yellow and Red sectors)
ENTRY 7 Terrace, right (all sectors)

Once you have identified the right entrance, you have to:

– stand in a queue and keep a distance of 1 metre away from the person who is in front of you;
– wear your mask correctly
(surgical masks or higher protection masks);
give permission for your temperature to be checked.. We remind you that, if your temperature is over 37.5°C, the entry staff will show you how to leave the theatre;
sanitize your hands with the hydro-alcoholic solution that can be found at the entrance.

Once inside, always keep a distance of 1 metre from other patrons and follow the instructions of the staff, who will accompany you to your seat.

We removed entire rows of seats, so that there is ample space for people to reach their own place and (only in case of necessity) to move around, always keeping a distance from each other.


– only persons holding a valid ticket or season ticket will be admitted to the theatre;
– the ticket gives you the right to access the event corresponding to that stated on your ticket, which must be shown to our staff at the entrance to the venue;
tickets cannot be duplicated and are valid only on the date indicated;
in the event of a loss of ticket, the box office will be able to issue a new unnumbered ticket at a cost of 10 euros. Details of the lost ticket will be added manually by the theatre staff;
reduced ticket holders, upon request by the entry staff, must show an identification document. Anyone who is not entitled to discounts will be required to pay a supplement at the box office, otherwise the ticket itself will be invalidated;
you must keep your ticket with you at all times during the event. It must be shown to the staff upon request.
during the event. It must be shown to the staff upon request.
Audience members without a valid ticket will be required to pay the total price of the ticket again, otherwise they will be required to leave the theatre (Presidential Decree No. 640 dated 10/26/972, Article 6 and subsequent amendments).

during the event. It must be shown to the staff upon request.
Audience members without a valid ticket will be required to pay the total price of the ticket again, otherwise they will be required to leave the theatre (Presidential Decree No. 640 dated 10/26/972, Article 6 and subsequent amendments);
– latecomers or audience members who leave the theatre once the performance has started are not admitted to the stalls area and terraces.
They will be asked to wait in the foyer or take a seat in the terrace area until the first suitable break.

As previously stated, members of staff will categorically refuse entry to patrons whose body temperature is over 37.5°C, as established by Covid-19 prevention and containment measures. We also remind you clothing must be appropriate to the decorum of the theatre and that audience members who do not behave correctly at all times during the event may be ejected from the theatre, without any refund, by the Theatre staff. In particular, those audience members:

– who are in an evident state of alteration;
– who exhibit aggressive behaviour;
– who do not allow theatre staff to carry out the security inspections of bags and backpacks;

Blunt, bulky objects are not allowed, nor any other objects which may obstruct the normal access and outflow of the public.
For security reasons, Theatre staff may carry out basic visual security inspections on entry to the Theatre (art. 5 letter B of the D.M. 06/10/2009). Staff members are allowed to conduct security searches and refuse entry to those with forbidden objects. All items left behind before entering the Theatre are left at your own risk.
It is forbidden to take in with you any of the following: large bags, backpacks, sacks or other bulky containers larger than 15 litres; spray cans (including mosquito repellents, deodorants, sunscreens); alcoholic drinks of any strength; canned drinks, glass bottles, metal bottles or plastic bottles.
In compliance with the current safety and hygiene regulations, you are not allowed to bring plastic bottles or any other type of bottle. The bar inside the theatre will be closed, but our staff will be available to offer you a free bottle of water upon request.

Pets are not allowed, with the exception of registered guide dogs; selfie sticks and tripods, umbrellas and rods, laser pens and pointers, drones and remote controlled airplanes, musical instruments, audio/video recording equipment, professional or semi-professional cameras, video cameras, GoPro cameras, iPads, and tablets.

Access is not permitted with bicycles, skateboards, skates and overboards, tents and sleeping bags, stadium trumpets and, by way of example but not limited to, weapons, explosive materials, fireworks, smoke bombs, signal flares, stones, chains, helmets, knives or other sharp or cutting objects, harmful substances and flammable material.

You are required to wear your mask all through the performance (surgical masks or higher protection masks).

during the event and during the interval it is possible to leave your seat only for urgent reasons after having communicated with staff. We remind you that, likewise, it is possible to leave the Theatre during the interval only urgent reasons. It is therefore advisable to consider the time needed to return to the theatre and repeat all the safety procedures.
Pursuant to art. 51 of the law of 16 January 2003 n. 3, smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited inside the theatre;
– the need to access the toilets must be reported to members of staff who will provide directions to the nearest toilets;
mobile phones must be switched off before the beginning of the show;
it is forbidden to place overcoats on the parapet, the backs of armchairs or vacant seats in compliance with social distancing regulations;
it is forbidden to stand near passages, access and exit routes, exits and entries, stairs or any other escape route;
the use of cameras, with and without flash, and audio/video recording equipment is strictly forbidden without authorisation, as required by law 18.8. 2000, n.248 art. 171, on New rules for the protection of copyright (
Audience members who do not behave correctly at all times during the event may be ejected from the theatre, without any refund, by the Theatre staff.

– At the end of the show all patrons must remain in their seats and wait for the staff to give instructions on how to leave the Theatre;
– the exit will be organized row by row and the same path will be used as the one used to enter the venue. Patrons will leave the Theatre by proceeding in single rows, always  keeping a distance of 1 metre from others;
– once outside, both large and small gatherings must be avoided in front of the Theatre and everyone must constantly keep a distance of 1 metre from other people;
– it is prohibited to throw used masks on the ground; everyone should take their masks home with them. In case of absolute necessity, only the appropriate disposal containers located next to each entrance should be used.

The Associazione Arena Sferisterio reserves the right to make alterations, to the programme, if necessary, due to technical, production needs or due to any updates to health and safety requirements, even in the event of a sold out event.The Associazione Arena Sferisterio also reserves the right to modify the configuration of the event, move the stage, change its shape and size, modify the layout of the seats already sold and reallocate them to other sectors, even if different from those indicated on the admission tickets. In such cases, alternative solutions will be put in place and audience members will be immediately informed.

The Associazione Arena Sferisterio reserves the right to make alterations to the programme, if necessary, due to the technical needs of the Theatre and/or artists, or for reasons not attributable to the Theatre (including strikes, abstentions and/or force majeure). In such cases, alternative solutions will be put in place that are compatible with the allocated and available budget and the other planned and/or existing activities. Tickets can be refunded exclusively:

– in the event of a change of date, up to the originally scheduled performance date;
– in the case of major alterations (such as the absence of the orchestra and/or the use of a magnetic tape recording and/or the presence of the pianist only) caused by an unforeseeable abstention of workers or due to force majeure, up to the date of the performance originally scheduled;
– in the case of cancellation of the event, within fifteen days of the originally scheduled performance date, in accordance with “SIAE” legislation (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) and, therefore, also in the other cases provided for therein.

We also remind you that:

– tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable after purchase;
– tickets resale by unauthorised parties is prohibited;
– the prices indicated on the tickets and officially made public are the only authorised sale prices inclusive of booking fees, related taxes and charges;
– the Associazione Arena Sferisterio has the right to set a maximum number of tickets that can be purchased per person for each performance.

In the case of bad weather conditions, the performance is never cancelled in advance.
If weather conditions cause delays, the Associazione Arena Sferisterio reserves the right to communicate the delayed start, or its possible cancellation, up to 120 minutes after the scheduled start time.

We remind you that umbrellas are not allowed into the arena.
For this reason, we already have a plan to protect you from the rain!

In case of the threat of rain, an audio message will be broadcast before the start of the show inviting all patrons, if it does rain, to leave their seats and follow the instructions that will be given by staff.
In case of rain during the show, audience members will be invited to head to the covered spaces provided for each sector, and in particular:

CENTRAL STALLS AREA hemicycle corridor, street level
STALLS AREA LEFT thatre foyer and external loggia
STALLS AREA, RIGHT hemicycle corridor, street level
TERRACE, LEFT, AND PRESS AREA hemicycle corridor of the terrace
TERRACE, RIGHT corridor of the first tier of boxes
BOXES inside boxes
BALCONY hemicycle corridor, second tier of boxes

To guarantee social distancing, the positions to be respected will be indicated on the ground along the corridors with special signs.

Once the performance has started, despite a delayed start time, tickets will not be refunded even if weather conditions worsen and make it impossible to continue. Tickets will be refunded only in the event of a cancellation prior to the performance.

To claim a refund, tickets must be returned to the Sferisterio Box Office from the day following the performance, or they can be sent, within 10 days of the cancelled performance, to the Associazione Arena Sferisterio’s headquarters at the following address: Associazione Arena Sferisterio Via Santa Maria della Porta, 65 62100 Macerata

Together with the ticket, a “refund request form” is also required, which is available at the theatre’s box office from the evening of the cancellation of the show, and/or can be downloaded HERE.
A photocopy of a valid identity document is also needed. Ticket refunds will be made by bank transfer by September 30th of the current year.

Requests for refunds for tickets purchased through channels other than the Sferisterio Box Office must not be made to the Associazione Arena Sferisterio but to the relevant box office or sales channel (e.g. Vivaticket for tickets purchased online), according to the instructions provided. Please note that Open Tickets nare non-refundable but can be used on subsequent dates of the same event during the season in progress, subject to the issue of a ticket indicating the new date.
The aforementioned tickets are refundable only if the cancelled performance is the last of the season to which it refers.

We remind you that, to avoid crowds, it is preferable to carry out any ticketing operation online, rather than at the box office. The box office is always available for information and to offer assistance.

Following the current regulations on the safety of audience members at the Sferisterio Arena during the Macerata Opera Festival and according to Covid-19 prevention and containment measures, certain seats are reserved for audience members with disabilities/mobility difficulties. Seats are divided as follows:

– 2 seats for audience members with wheelchairs Red sector; free seats, Green sector; accompanying patrons behind wheelchairs, ticket price 25 euros;

audience members without wheelchairs (and with a disability rating of more than 70%) are entitled to free seats in the Red sector, for a maximum of 5 seats per evening; the cost for accompanying patrons is 25 euros.
It is possible to change sector with a 50% reduction on the price of the ticket.

Additional requests, if any, will be addressed individually. 
For further information, email to

The entrance for wheelchairs is number 5.

Please note that before, after and during performances, photographs may be taken and filming may be carried out by authorised TV crews and photographers. Any images collected may be published in the press, on internet sites or via television networks. Footage may be used in any and all media (press, Internet, TV) at any time.
With the purchase of tickets (also free tickets) and with entrance to the Theatre, spectators give, in favour of Arena Sferisterio Association, their consent, free of charge and with the right to transfer said right to third parties, to be photographed, filmed or recorded and to the consequent diffusion of their images via television networks and/or on the maxi-screens present inside the venue and for promotional and/or commercial purposes.

The consent as expressed above must also be considered to be given with reference to minors, by parents or adults exercising parental authority over them, when they purchase the ticket and, in any case, when they accompany minors inside the venue to attend the event.

In the case of events where filming is carried out, a time of entry to the Theatre may be set or postponed by the Arena Sferisterio Association for needs related to audio-video recordings.
The Association also reserves the right to reallocate seats for the sake of audio-video recordings.
The presence of television crews and the relative indications will be communicated to the public through online/offline promotional materials.

The Theatre Box Office is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

We remind you that online purchases are always preferable: seats and ticket prices are the same.
Those who still intend to access the Theatre Box Office are required to:

– wait in the positions indicated by the signs, keeping a distance of 1 metre from other people. An employee will make sure that queues are managed in compliance with the rules and will provide instructions, so as to speed up the operations at the counter and shorten the queues;
– enter one by one;
– wear a mask (surgical or equivalent);
– follow the instructions that will be given by staff;
use the hand sanitizer at the entrance and before entering a pin code on the POS terminal. Also, a distance of 1 metre must be kept from the staff inside the ticket office. The signs on the ground will visually indicate the line that must not be crossed in order to guarantee the safety of everyone (patrons and staff);
– uonce the purchase procedures have been completed, each person must promptly move away from the ticket office, to avoid creating large and small gatherings,maintaining a distance of 1 metre from other people at all times;
avoid throwing masks on the ground, – each person should take their mask home with them; in case of absolute necessity, the appropriate containers located at the entrance and prepared for disposal must be used;
avoid eating and drinking inside the ticket office;
online sales will be made available for all events organized by the Arena Sferisterio Association and online ticket sales will also be promoted to all third party organizers as much as possible. The procedure for requesting a refund by voucher will also be activated online for all shows cancelled due to the health emergency;
Credit card purchase is preferable to cash. Credit cards accepted by the Theatre Box Office are: PagoBancomat, VISA, VISA V-pay and VISA Electron/Visa Plus, Maestro, MASTERCARD, DINERS and Postpay;
– in order to speed up the sales operations, oral consent will be required to accept the privacy protection policy at the time of purchase at the Theatre Box Office (Piazza Mazzini, 10), thereby avoiding queues and gatherings. The complete form will be permanently posted at the ticket office and available HERE.

The Associazione Arena Sferisterio ensures full compliance with the legislation on privacy protection (Legislative Decree 196/2003 and related regulations) regarding personal information acquired in the process of dealing with the public (e.g. issuing free nominative tickets or at a preferential rate, and the management of some forms of payment).

The contact details provided at the time of purchase may be used by the Arena Sferisterio Association for communications concerning the ticket purchased, for sending promotional material and/or information related to particular offers, subscriptions, or programmes.
The interested party has the right to object to the aforementioned treatment regarding privacy at any time. For further information:
– Associazione Arena Sferisterio: via Santa Maria della porta, 65 Macerata (MC, Italy).