D'un immortale amor

Palco Reverse shows give the audience a special point of view on the Sferisterio, standing on the stage next to the protagonists of the show.
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Silvia Colasanti
“D’un immortale amor”
Music and verses on “Amore, Tempo e Morte” (Love, Time and Death)

For narrator, countertenor, string quartet and percussions
Authors Mariangela Gualtieri and William Shakespeare

Ed. Casa Ricordi

Countertenor Raffaele Pe
Adorno Quartet
Percussionist Leonardo Ramadori

  • mer 28 JUL H 21:00

D’un immortale amor”, under Palco Reverse format, is a new commission on opera titles. 

Music and verses on “Amore, Tempo e Morte” (love, time and death) by Silvia Colasanti, one of today’s most famous composers, who reinterprets Verdi’s masterpiece Aida entrusting the interpretation to a group of contemporary stars such as the poetess and writer Mariangela Gualtieri, the countertenor Raffaele Pe, the Quartetto Adorno and the percussionist Leonardo Ramadori.

“Love has a vast range, hardly endures barriers, prohibitions, limits, conditions. Maybe this is the reason why us humans do not know love without suffering, like Aida and her Radamès, as much as anyone who binds theirselves to a name, a face, constricting the unbridled force of this tide. But to us a chat is given, a hope, through poetry and music, to sublimate this never-ending game, the impossible endeavor of limiting to a couple the force of infinity, inside one’s time this immortal energy.  

This sublime is what we will try to reverberate, with an original scenic writing that will bind together love and pain, love and death, both through instrumental music, and through the interweaving of music and words, in which sounds will introduce verses, anticipating their atmospheres, wrapping and commenting them, in a constant dialogue with the countertenor’s voice, that will chant the uncontainable passage of Time, devourer of everything, except Art.”

– Silvia Colasanti and Mariangela Gualtieri




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