Palco Reverse shows give the audience a special point of view on the Sferisterio, standing on the stage and facing the stalls and boxes.
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Opera for theatre-dance, piano and electronic music by and with Erika Rombaldoni

Piano Roberto Barrali
Electronic music Alessandro Petrolati 

Production and new commission by Macerata Opera Festival.

  • Mer 4 AUG H 21:00

With Amami Erika Rombaldoni will tell us with her body the tale of love, death and sacrifice of Verdi’s Violetta. From the initial obligations of a charming and flirty young lady that – aware of the decadence of the body and the incumbent death represented by electronic music – gives up her dream of finally being loved in return.

This will be the story told by some pieces of Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack (dutiful homage, a year after his death) composed on the real facts that inspired Verdi and Dumas before him. 

A musical journey through time from Verdi to Morricone until contemporaneity for a message of universal reach in which, quoting Croce, through themese like “admiration for beauty, attraction towards the sinful, the extraordinary force of extreme resolutions, the widely accepted and noble sacrifice” Violetta rises as a classical tragedy heroin.


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