Michela Murgia in "Don Giovanni, l'incubo elegante"

Palco Reverse shows give the audience a special point of view on the Sferisterio, standing on the stage and facing the stalls and boxes.

created and played by/em> Michela Murgia
accordion Giancarlo Palena
production Mismaonda e Parmaconcerti

with the participation of the singers Federica Giansanti and Davide Giangregorio

New commission by del Macerata Opera Festival

Michela Murgia arrives at the Sferisterio as an opera lover, with her own rewriting of Don Giovanni by Mozart, whose main characters are actually left unchanged: the protagonist, a libertine and a lier, is flanked by his untactful servant Leporello and by Don Ottavio, all of them portraying the still too common masculine stereotype.

The female universe is portrayed by three very different women: Donna Anna, virtuous and respectful of traditions, Donna Elvira, betrayed and scorned by Don Giovanni but nonetheless persuaded that she can change him, and Zerlina, a curious and sneering woman who often displays childish and frivolous attitudes.

To accompany Michela Murgia’s show an accordion, typical instrument of the Marche region, played by Giancarlo Palena. The project for this Don Giovanni is a collaboration with the Società dei Concerti based in Parma.

  • Wed 5 Aug H 9 p.m.

In collaboration with Mismaonda and Parmaconcerti


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