La traviata

La traviata-01

La traviata

No opera is more contemporary and better suited to denounce the evils of conformity than Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata (with libretto by Francesco Maria Piave). It shows how sweet can spontaneous love be, as between passionate Alfredo (“De’ miei bollenti spiriti”) and dreamy, shy Violetta (“È strano, è strano… Sempre libera”). It denounces the relentless force of conformist thinking, attached by Germont to values he himself falls prey to (“Pura siccome un angelo”). It also reveals the strength and dignity of an incredibly beautiful woman, bound to die of an incurable illness yet determined to preserve her pure heart, despite what people think and say about her (“Addio, del passato bei sogni ridenti”).


  • Sunday 22 JULY H 21:00
  • Saturday 28 JULY H 21:00
  • Friday 3 AUGUST H 21:00
  • Saturday 11 AUGUST H 21:00

Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave

  • Conductor
    Keri-Lynn Wilson
  • Stage director and lighting designer
    Henning Brockhaus
  • Set designer
    Josef Svoboda
  • Costume designer
    Giancarlo Colis
  • Choreography
    Valentina Escobar
  • Characters and Interpreters:
  • Violetta Valéry
    Salome Jicia
  • Flora Bervoix
    Mariangela Marini
  • Annina
    Marianna Mennitti
  • Alfredo Germont
    Iván Ayón Rivas
  • Giorgio Germont
    Luca Salsi (22/7)
  • Alberto Gazale (28/7 - 11/8)
  • Vladimir Stoyanov (3/8)
  • Gastone
    Silvano Paolillo
  • Il Barone Duphol
    Lorenzo Grante
  • Il marchese d'Obigny
    Stefano Marchisio
  • Il Dottor Grenvil
    Giacomo Medici

Regional Orchestra of Marche Region.

Opera Choir of the Marche Region “Vincenzo Bellini” choirmaster Martino Faggiani.

A production by Associazione Arena Sferisterio.



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