For the young

Clowns, witches and other tales: I'll tell you a story...

23 july Torre del Boia (Via dei Sibillini) Carmen at 6 p.m
30 july Giardino Largo del Donatore del Sangue Macbeth at 6 p.m.
6 agosto Palazzo Buonaccorsi Rigoletto at 5 p.m.

free admission

Narration, music, and workshops loosely based on the operas of the Festival  and the book “Castello dei Destini Incrociati” by Italo Calvino

The event is aimed at children between 6 and 11 years old, organised by the Associazione Amici dello Sferisterio (the Association of Friends of the Sferisterio) in collaboration with the Cultural Association CTR.

Thursday, 18 july 8 p.m.  Piazza della Libertà

Flash mob Prove d’Europa with 80 young musicians from 14 European countries, members of the ESYO Orchestra (conductor Igor Coretti Kuret)

In collaboration with Musicamdo and University of Camerino.


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