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Il flauto magico

Il flauto magico-01

Il flauto magico

The Magic Flute by Mozart is a Singspiel (i.e. an opera with spoken dialogues), with music and scenes touching upon humour and fantasy, but also drama and ethics. Its characters can be interpreted literally but also metaphorically: thus, the Queen of the Night (seen in the impressive aria “Rancor di donna brucia nel mio core”) is a wicked and vengeful mother but she is also a symbol of obscurantism; Papageno can be seen both as a naive, jolly and slightly anxjous wood creature (“Io son l’uccellatore”), and as the symbol of the most genuine humanly wishes; Tamino (“O immagine di cui mortale / non mai conoscerà l’eguale!”) is the armed soldier of many a fairy tale but he also embodies the ideal of a man who puts reasoning and knowledge before violence.

The Magic Flute (“Il Flauto Magico”) will be sung in Italian


  • Friday 20 JULY H 21:00
  • Sunday 29 JULY H 21:00
  • Saturday 4 AUGUST H 21:00
  • Sunday 12 AUGUST H 21:00
German opera in two acts, based on the poetic Italian translation by Fedele d’Amico. Dialogues by Graham Vick and Stefano Simone Pintor.
Copyright and editor: Bärenreiter, Kassel 
Italian distributor: Casa Musicale Sonzogno di Piero Ostali, Milan
  • Conductor
    Daniel Cohen
  • Director
    Graham Vick
  • Set and costume designer
    Stuart Nunn
  • Mime movements
    Ron Howell
  • Lighting designer
    Giuseppe Di Iorio
  • Characters and Interpreters:
  • Tamino
    Giovanni Sala
  • Papageno
    Guido Loconsolo
  • Prima Dama
    Lucrezia Drei
  • Seconda Dama
    Eleonora Cilli
  • Terza Dama
    Adriana Di Paola
  • Astrifiammante
    Tetiana Zhuravel
  • Monostato
    Manuel Pierattelli
  • Pamina
    Valentina Mastrangelo
  • I tre Geni
    Ilenia Silvestrelli, Caterina Piergiacomi, Emanuele Saltari*
  • Oratore
    Marcell Bakonyi
  • Sarastro
    Antonio Di Matteo
  • Papagena
    Paola Leoci
  • Sacerdote / Armigero
    Marco Miglietta
  • Armigero
    Seung Pil Choi
  • Special guests
    100 citizens

Regional Orchestra of Marche Region.

Opera Choir of the Marche Region “Vincenzo Bellini” choirmaster Martino Faggiani.

A co-production of Associazione Arena Sferisterio and Palau de LesArtes Reina Sofía in Valencia.
In collaboration with Birmingham Opera Company.

*Pueri Cantores “D. Zamberletti” (maestro Gian Luca Paolucci)