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Stuck, Opera on the Wall

An evening of vertical dance by Il Posto Vertical Dance Company and the Marco Castelli Small Ensemble.

Coreography Wanda Moretti
Music Marco Castelli, Gioachino Rossini, Giuseppe Verdi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Video Wanda Moretti
Costumes Elettra Del Mistro
Masks Anna Ave

Sax and live electronics Marco Castelli
Percussions Marco Vattovani
Dancers Simona Forlani, Isabel Rossi, Giulia Mazzucato, Francesca D’Agostino, Giorgio Coppone, Gian Mattia Baldan, Giorgia Maurizio

  • mar 3 AUG H 21:00

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A* Jesús Garzaron
F* 2017_08_11
T* Danza en las murallas Compañía de danza vertical Il Posto (Venecia)
L* Baluarte de Guadalupe

Stuck, Opera on the Wall is a choreographic creation by Wanda Moretti and musician Marco Castelli representing the richness of biodiversity and the complexity of the strategies of life on earth. 

The idea behind this event is to take the opportunity to reflect on the many aspects which make up the human being, thus showing a hidden side of us: not a negative side but, on the contrary, one that can open the gateway to new paths.

The image of the human being in the architecture of the city conveys the idea of bodies which can be moulded in rigid spaces. These fascinations come from a desire to reflect the physical relationship we have with the city and from the urgent need, today more than ever, to anchor dance to a real place.

Music plays with recalls, interferences, citations, electronic reformulations, between jazz and classical music. Marco Castelli composed tracks full of echoes and allusions, tracing an original and creative path for the relation among genres.