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Palco Reverse is the new format that will entice the audience onto the Sferisterio stage, alongside the protagonists

The ardent lust for power, the lacerating feelings of guilt, and the desperate madness of Macbeth are evoked in Shakespeare and Piave’s verses and come to life in the voice of Sergio Rubini. A spiral of blood, ambition, deceit and intrigue, which has fascinated audiences in every part of the world for more than four hundred years. A tale that lays bare the decline of all virtue under the weight of ambition and corruptibility, when men become slaves to the obsession for power.

The drama of the cruel General and the ruthless Lady Macbeth (plunged into the abyss of madness by their own ambition) is made even more vivid thanks to the original music of Nicola Jappelli, inspired by John Dowland and played by guitarist Giampaolo Bandini.

Sergio Rubini
  • Thursday 25 July ore 21:00

with Sergio Rubini
Guitar Giampaolo Bandini

Translation, reduction and adaptation Sergio Rubini
original music Nicola Jappelli
from musical materials of John Dowland

In collaboration with Società dei Concerti di Parma

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Palco reverse

Artists and audience together on stage for an even more engaging show.
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