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100 accordions

Enrico Melozzi is invading the Sferisterio… once again!

To mark the Centenary, Sferisterio is ready to welcome another invasion of 100 musicians. This time… 100 accordionists , conducted by Enrico Melozzi, a special event featuring PIF (International Accordion Prize) of Castelfidardo and Pigini Fisarmoniche, celebrating its 75th anniversary. Together with this unusual accordion orchestra, there will be the soprano Estíbaliz Martyn. We will celebrate the music of Mozart and Ravel, as well as popular themes and pop music. The musical coordination is by Massimiliano Pitocco.

The concert will welcome the participation of students coming from several Conservatoires and state-recognized Musical Institutions. Leader the conservatoires’ delegations will be Conservatorio di “Santa Cecilia” from Rome, conducted by M° Roberto Giuliani and coordination by Massimiliano Pitocco.

  • mar 27 JUL H 21:00

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The 100 accordionists orchestra

The concert will be joined by students of several Italian Conservatoires and state-recognized musical institutes.

Conservatorio “Santa Cecilia” – Rome,  M° Massimiliano Pitocco
Conservatorio “Torrefranca” – Vibo Valentia,  M° Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi
Conservatorio “Giuseppe Martucci” – Salerno, M° Giuseppe Scigliano
Conservatorio “Domenico Cimarosa” – Avellino, M° Angelo Miele
Conservatorio “Luisa D’Annunzio” – Pescara, M° Adriano Ranieri
Conservatorio “Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa” – Potenza, M° Samuele Telari
Istituto “P.I. Tchaikovsky” – Nocera Terinese, M° Marco Gemelli
Conservatorio “Gaetano Braga” – Teramo, M° Massimiliano Pitocco
Conservatorio  “Francesco Antonio Bomporti” – Riva del Garda, M° Walter Di Girolamo
Conservatorio “Bruno Maderna” – Cesena, M° Raffaele Damen 
Conservatorio “Giacomo Puccini” – La Spezia, M° Endrio Luti
Conservatorio “Arrigo Pedrollo” – Vicenza, M° Davide Vendramin
Conservatorio “Nicola Sala” – Benevento, M° Samuele Telari
Conservatorio “Umberto Giordano” – Foggia, M° Cesare Chiacchiaretta   

PIF (International Accordion Prize)

The International Accordion Prize (PIF – Premio Internazionale della Fisarmonica) is the most important prize for accordionists in the world. Every year, more than 300 accordionists come from over 24 different countries at the presence of an expert panel characterized by the utmost level of quality, and often scouting new talents. 
In addition, the prize gives life the eponymous Festival hosting live concerts, workshops, auditions, masterclasses and jam sessions!

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The evening is sponsored by


A special thanks to the Major sponsor of Macerata Opera Festival Banco Marchigiano Credito Cooperativo.
The evening will be joined by Croce Rossa – Comitato di Macerata.