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Stefano Bollani: Piano Solo

Piano Solo is much more than a traditional piano concert: it is a homage to the art of improvisation. When Stefano Bollani is onstage for his “one man show”, anything can happen. There is no set list, no theatre programme to enable the audience to know beforehand which piece will come next.  Every performance is a journey, and the music guides the enchanted audience towards new but familiar territories.

From Bach to the Beatles, Stravinskij and Brazilian music, to Pop and the Italian songs of the 1940s. A real flux of musical thoughts blending light enjoyment and intense emotions. One thing is certain. At the end of the concert, the audience itself will decide whether to call for an encore. Bollani will diligently play the requested songs, thus creating an unpredictable medley combining virtuosity and irreverence. 

Selected Discography (solo projects)

2015 Arrivano gli alieni (Decca)

2006 Piano Solo (ECM)

2003 Smat smat (Label Bleu)




Piano Solo is not a traditional piano concert. It is a homage to the art of improvisation. Anything can happen, even a breath-taking musical journey to the East.

Le date

  • Sunday 23 Jul ore 19:30