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The East in Macerata

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In an opera season which pays homage to the East, Macerata celebrates the twinning with Taicang, one of the hundred most dynamic realities in China. A relationship based on equality and mutual benefit, aimed at promoting mutual economic and business development between the two cities, as well as achieving fruitful exchanges and effective cooperation in the fields of science and technology, culture, sport, health, education and talent.

And precisely ‘talents’ is the talking point at the Macerata Opera Festival, when we take a look at this collaboration with the Chinese city. Kung Fu and Taicang martial arts students will take part in the “Night of the Opera”, becoming the protagonists of the evening which transforms Macerata into an open-air stage where dragons, lanterns, and costumes designed by the Confucius Institute parade along the streets of the city. These special guests from China will be on the Sferisterio stage on Thursday August 3, to perform in a show which is unique of its kind.

To celebrate Macerata’s relationship with the East, one cannot but mention those personalities who have linked the Marche with the Asian continent throughout history.

At the centre of the 53rd edition of the Macera opera season we find our fellow citizens who have explored the far Eastern empires, such as the orientalist Giuseppe Tucci or the Capuchin monk Cassiano Beligatti, following in the footsteps of Father Matteo Ricci.

The Magazzini UTO (via Antonio Gramsci) host the inaugural exhibition of the “Macerata Opera Festival” entitled “Tucci l’esploratore dell’anima” (“Tucci, the Explorer of the Soul”), a collection of photos and videos of the expeditions to the Himalayas of the explorer from Macerata, considered in his time the world’s most famous expert on Tibet. The ribbon cutting is scheduled for July 7, at 6:00 p.m., and the exhibition, curated by Arte Nomade, can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, from 4 pm to 7 pm. The exhibition “Le genti sono cortesi e affabili” (“People are courteous and affable”) pays homage to Beligatti, Franciscan Friar in Tibet and Nepal in the 19th century, at the Borgetti Library. The exhibition’s inaugural lecture, created by the Friends of the Sferisterio together with Macerata Musei, takes place on Wednesday 19 July at 6:00 pm and represents the  opening to the public of the review of the journey, the studies, and the mission of the Capuchin monk from Macerata. Another event not to be missed is the meeting entitled “ L’opera fra Oriente e Occidente” (Opera between East and West”) on July 20th, at 6.00 p.m., at the Antichi Forni: Maria Cristina Pisciotta, Sun Tao, and Alberto Mattioli, talk about the themes that are common to Chinese and Italian opera, to look for similarities and differences.

The commitment of Macerata to maintain its centuries old ties with the Asian continent has been rewarded by the inclusion of the Sferisterio in the Quality Service Certification programme as a tourist attraction of excellence for Chinese travellers. The relationship between Macerata and the East continues to grow stronger and stronger.


Confucio Institute, University of Macerata

The Confucius Institute is a meeting point between Chinese and Italian culture.

It is an encounter that you can also experience in the streets

of Macerata during the opera season, thanks to the installations

devoted to the Chinese opera and thanks to the performances during the Night of the Opera.

Friday 7 July, at 6 p.m.

Tucci l'esploratore dell'Anima

Photos and videos from the expedition to the Himalayas

Magazzini UTO (Via Antonio Gramsci, Macerata)

Foto di Luna Simoncini

Wednesday 19 July, at 6 p.m.

Le genti sono cortesi e affabili

The journey, the studies, and the mission of Cassiano Beligatti from Macerata, Capuchin monk in Tibet and Nepal in the 18th century

Mozzi Borgetti Library

In order to discover the landmarks of the life and travels of Cassiano Beligatti, an 18th century Capuchin monk who was a missionary in Tibet, Nepal, and Bengal, the Association ‘Amici dello Sferisterio’ organizes an exhibition dedicated to the Franciscan friar from Macerata in the Mozzi Borgetti Library. Thanks to the support of Macerata Musei, it will be possible to become familiar with a character who is often mentioned but rarely examined in depth. Based on one of Beligatti’s diary pages, the exhibition entitled “Le genti sono cortesi e affabili (“The people are courteous and affable”) aims to present Ricci and Tucci’s fellow citizen on his mission of evangelization in Asia.

Photo by Luna Simoncini

Thursday 20 july, at 6:00 p.m.

L'Opera fra Oriente e Occidente

Maria Cristina Pisciotta, Sun Tao e Alberto Mattioli

talk about the themes that are common to Chinese and Italian opera

Antichi Forni

Thursday 3 august, at 6:00 p.m.


The Kung Fu and Taicang martial arts students 

will take part in the “Night of the Opera” in the Sferisterio arena.

Dragons, lanterns, and costumes at the “Night of the Opera”

with the Confucio Institute!

The streets of the city become a bridge between the Chinese and Italian culture

The Sferisterio is included in the Quality Service Certification programme

as a tourist attraction of excellence for Chinese travellers

The dates

  • Friday 7 JUL ore 18:00

    Magazzini UTO (Via Antonio Gamsci, Macerata)
    "Tucci l'esploratore dell'Anima"

  • Wednesday 19 JUL ore 18:00

    Biblioteca Mozzi Borgetti
    "Le genti sono cortesi e affabili"

  • thursday 20 JUL ore 18:00

    Antichi Forni
    "L'opera fra Oriente e Occidente"

  • thursday 3 AUG ore 20:00

    "Festeggiamo il gemellaggio con Taicang (t太倉, s太仓), una delle 100 città più dinamiche della Cina