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From East to West:
a journey through mind, body, and spirit

Series of events organised by Life Strategies

24 july

Where is Aladdin's lamp hidden?

By Igor Sibaldi

Desire, freedom, and the discovery of new worlds according to Persian philosophy.

Persia has always been a source of inspiration for the West, as the legends of the Three Wise Men, who were Persian Mazdei (i.e., Zoroastrian), clearly testify. 

And a glimpse at the wisdom of those Men helps to understand better some dizzy elements of Western religions such as, for example, the great evangelical descriptions of creative courage, of cooperation with God, of the unlimited expansion of knowledge. Famous sentences such as “Ask and you will be given” or “Truth will make you free”, as well as great archetypes like the structure of the Afterlife as described by Dante in the Divine Comedy, all hark back to the ancient Persian philosophy and especially to the extraordinary Persian psychology which had been developed before Islamism. This psychology can provide us with powerful stimuli to our personal growth and self-analysis.

Photo by Luna Simoncini

31 july

Western science meets the East.

By Filippo Ongaro

A scientific lens on ancient traditions

for all-round improvement of our life

In an attempt to understand human beings, medical science has lost sight of the importance of the whole, which is not simply the sum of its parts. Scientific developments have undoubtedly brought enormous and undeniable successes but the risk is that science will increasingly become unrivalled in curing diseases but less in curing persons. Therefore, the tendency is to overlook what is important to stay healthy and slow down the aging process. Healthy food, a balanced diet, regular exercise and meditation are the four pillars which regulate our health. Although they are known with different names, each one is deeply rooted in the Eastern medicine tradition and its many forms. The importance of food, the use of spices, and the effectiveness of those ancient disciplines which are able to work on both mind and body are now largely confirmed. New scientific knowledge allows a bridge to be built between East and West and between the past and the future. Each of us can discover it and learn how to walk on it.

7 august

The Eastern route to serenity

By Giulio Cesare Giacobbe

The Buddha state as the way

to a serene life

Tension and stress are the main enemies of our happiness: being wealthy or successful are of little importance if life is tense and stressful. Tension is a state of suffering and if eliminated it is possible to reach a state of serenity and to enjoy life and this is possible in any environmental condition. A method to eliminate permanently tensions and stress from our lives has already been developed: it is Buddha’s method. Starting from his teachings and joining them to the latest psychological research studies, it will be possible to free ourselves from tensions through a scientific method which, thanks to a limited number of exercises, allows us to live a more serene life to fully enjoy the pleasures of our existence.

Courtyard of Palazzo Buonaccorsi, at 9.00 p.m.

Before the event it is possible to visit the Eneide Room in Palazzo Buonaccorsi.

The dates

  • Monday 24 JUL ore 21:00

    "Where is Aladdin's lamp hidden?" by Igor Sibaldi

  • Monday 31 Jul ore 21:00

    "Western science meets the East." by
    Filippo Ongaro

  • Monday 7 Aug ore 21:00

    "The Eastern route to serenity " by
    Giulio Cesare Giacobbe